Monday, June 24, 2024

ANGRY COMMENTS! + New Music from Paul McCartney + King Hannah // There's Two Sham 69s?? (VIDEO)

Been a wild few days, friends. My first venture outside my comfort zone - a video defense of Star Wars' The Acolyte - brought out the crazies. I've only had limited experience with trolls and whackjobs in the comments, so this was new for me. Some people get awfully upset, and I made a montage of some of the best, along with some responses from me. 

I had an experience the other night that I'm sure some of you have also had. You show up to a club to see an older band, and you realize that there are now two (or more) different versions of the same band. One may have more "original" members than the other; and sometimes, there are no originals at all. 

Two days ago, my friend and I went out to see 1970s UK punk rockers, Sham 69, when they played here in Omaha. It was a four band bill, and we arrived shortly before the headliner was scheduled to go on. However, we were a bit thrown when the guys coming on stage looked nothing like any picture I'd ever seen of Sham 69. Turns out, there are TWO Sham 69s! Who knew?

Couple of great albums to tell you about. One from King Hannah, and the other from a guy you might have heard of, Paul McCartney. He used to be in some band in the 60s.

Lastly, I'm looking for suggestions for a name to a series I am starting. I'm going to revisit some television and movies from my youth in an attempt to see if any of it still resonates with me today. So, it's retro, it's reviewing, it's see, I need help with a name. Suggestions please in the comments.

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