Saturday, June 22, 2024

Why All the Hate for The Acolyte??!! Feels Like Star Wars To Me! (VIDEO)

In today's video, I'm jumping out of my comfort zone as far as content on the channel. I'm, going to be discussing the newest entry into the world of Star Wars...The Acolyte. As a long time Star Wars fan, I give every one of the live action series a chance. I go in with an open mind.

If you look at Twitter or (most of) YouTube, it would appear that nearly everyone hates The Acolyte. It seems strange. Why so much hate? Is the show really that bad? In a

Sure, haters gonna hate. That is to be expected. But, in my opinion, most of the criticism of the show has been gratuitous. There do seem to be some people out there rooting for this show to fail. Look, if it sucked, I would say so. But it doesn't suck.

Before I explain why this show is so essential to the understanding of Star Wars, I give you a little glimpse into my past. I was there in '77, folks. I'm an OG. And to this OG, The Acolyte seems like Star Wars.

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