Tuesday, January 10, 2006

Weezer Goes Back on Hiatus

Contrary to Web rumors, Weezer isn't breaking up -- it's just going on hiatus once more.

The band’s front man, Rivers Cuomo, will once again lay down the mantle of geek-rock front man for that of geek-geek student at Harvard University. Cuomo has attended the college on and off, between Weezer’s active periods.

Although the hiatus is scheduled to begin this month as Cuomo returns to college, the act proclaims it won’t totally fade into the woodwork, as it did when Cuomo was originally admitted to Harvard in 1997.

“It’s not going to be entirely quiet around the Weezer hood, not by a long shot,” the band posted on its Web site. “Everyone is planning on writing music, and indeed a good deal of songs have been already created while the band was still on tour this fall. Pat's even building a new home studio to better work on music. Also Brian and Pat are going to be recording a cover version of The Velvet Underground's "Heroin" and will actually be appearing in the in-production film "Factory Girl" about the 60's Andy Warhol scene, performing the song.”

How studio-building and side projects fit into a not-on-hiatus Weezer was not explained. Weezer last issued Make Believe(2005, Interscope)

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