Wednesday, January 11, 2006

Have You Heard Ladyfinger?

The Omaha music "scene" has gotten a lot of national and international attention over the last few years. This is largely due to Bright Eyes (and, in all fairness The Faint and Cursive), but there are a lot of great bands that have not yet gotten their due. My favorite among them is Ladyfinger.

The guys in Ladyfinger have been in a number of other local bands over the years (bassist Ethan Jones was in The Faint for a while, drummer Pat Oakes has played with Azure Ray and is a member of Mayday), but their talents were not fully realized until they joined together as Ladyfinger.

The band is a lot heavier than most on the Omaha scene. They kind of remind me of Drive Like Jehu, or maybe a harder Gang of Four. So far, they have only released a four song demo that is available at shows. They have just finished recording their debut full-length with producer Matt Bayles (Minus the Bear). No word on a release date.
Here is an mp3 of my favorite song from their demo, "1000 Tongues." Good luck finding this CD if you don't live in Omaha.


  1. Mr. Davis, you speak the truth.

    Ladyfinger was kind enough to allow me to stream all four tracks from the demo on my site. These may no longer be up once the full-length album is released.

    Streaming is via WMP, so Safari, Foxfire, etc don't cut it, unless you've spent a week getting the POS plugin to work in those browsers.

  2. Right on. These CD is great, but they are really a live band. That's where they really shine.


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