Monday, July 01, 2024

Dark Stuff: Roger Daltrey, KISS, Inhaler, Bikini Kill, Buffalo Tom, Laura Jane Grace & MORE (VIDEO)

Today's video is a bit of a wrap-up of all things Dark Stuff from the last week -- it's This Year's Week! I'll work on that...

We begin with a trip to Memorial Park in Omaha to see the legendary vocalist from The Who, Roger Daltrey. The free show was sponsored by the City of Omaha and featured post-show fireworks for Independence Day. Opening band, Inhaler, featured the son of U2 frontman, Bono. This meant that, in Omaha, we celebrate our independence with artists from UK and Ireland.

This week marks the anniversary of the original KISS lineup (Ace, Gene, Peter, Paul) reuniting for its first show. June 28, 1996 at Tiger Stadium in Detroit Rock City. I was there! And every year, I celebrate accordingly.

Hey, have you subscribed to my other channel, Rock N Roll Book Club, yet? You really should. On the next episode, we are discussing "Rebel Girl" by Kathleen Hanna. Been listening to a ton of Bikini Kill lately. Can't wait to talk about this book!

Picked up a couple of things on a recent trip to Homer's, but I'm still waiting for my copy of Buffalo Tom's newest, Jump Rope, to arrive.

I caught the pilot episode of Orphan Black: Echoes starring Krysten Ritter. I really liked the original Orphan Black with Tatiana Maslany. This new "version" of the story seems decent. But I'll probably give it a few more episodes before deciding if it's something I plan to discuss on the channel.

Lastly, I have brought back The Dark Stuff playlist! I wasn't sure that anyone cared, so I stopped doing them and deleted most of the old ones. Then I found out that people actually do listen to those. Okay, message received.

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