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"Back in the Day" Concert Tales: RATT + POISON Feb 10, 1987 / Concert + In-Store (VIDEO)

Welcome back, friends. In today's video, I am taking you back to hair metal's glory days -- 1987. On February 10, 1987, I caught Ratt for the third time at the Omaha Civic Auditorium (R.I.P.). This was Ratt at its peak! Touring in support of its third platinum record in a row, Ratt had its biggest stage show ever. On this leg of the tour, young upstarts Poison were opening the shows. Poison's debut LP, Look What the Cat Dragged In, had been out for about eight or nine months at that point.

Since we met back in the 8th grade, my friend, Matt, and I shared an obsession with hard rock and heavy metal. We saw pretty much every metal show in Omaha together from, maybe, 1985 to 1989. At some point in '86, we got the bright idea to start our own magazine/fanzine. My Mom's side hustle at the time was a stationary business. So, we created a logo and had letterhead made. We were both 15 years old.

Before publishing a single page, we were able to parlay our new endeavor into a free pair of tickets to see Ratt...AND a photo pass! This was nuts. All we had was letterhead. Seriously.

Earlier in the day, we went to meet Poison who were doing an in-store signing at the Homer's location in Bellevue, Nebraska. It was weird seeing them without all the girly make-up from the album cover and the videos. I got my album signed by all the guys.

For those who weren't around in that time, you need to remember that people didn't just carry a camera around with them wherever they went. Photography was prohibited at concerts back then, and to take any pictures, I had to sneak a camera into the arena inside my pants. I feel lucky I was able to get any pictures of this stuff at all.

Hope you enjoy this trip down memory lane.

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