Saturday, March 23, 2024

Sun June and Wild Pink LIVE at Reverb 3/22/24 (PHOTOS)

Laura Colwell (pictured) and Sun June played a great set last night (3/22/24) at Reverb. This was my first time seeing the Texas indie band, though Sun June's last two albums made my Top 20 of the Year lists. So, I was pretty excited they were finally playing in Omaha.
Opening the show was NYC band, Wild Pink. I didn't know anything about the band prior to the show. They were excellent. The set got better with each song. I picked up a Wild Pink t-shirt after they played.

Sun June

The crowd was small, but enthusiastic. There were a few fans who really wanted to hear the song, "Karen O." I'm actually not sure if it was on the set list, but the band happily obliged.
There will be video shortly on Youtube.

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