Friday, January 27, 2006

Tonight!! Charlemagne at Mick's

It's a pretty crowded weekend for this shows in Omaha. This is a good thing, which means the winter music drought is finally over. Tonight, one has the unenviable choice of deciding between a double shot of local rock with Sarah Benck and the Robbers and Anonymous American at Sokol Underground; or Charlemagne and David Potter at Mick's. Charlemagne is from Madison, WI and records for Sidecho Records.

Personally, I will be at the Charlemagne show. It tunrs out I knew one of the members back in my former life as a resident of Wisconsin. I got a big group of people together to hit the show, and then I found out that my friend will not be on this tour. The band will perform as a duo. Oh well. Detour Allure, the new CD, is pretty good. Nice, breezy, indie pop. Kind of folkie, but not in a bad way.
Charlemagne Friday at Micks.

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