Saturday, January 28, 2006

Must-See Show Tonight! Ghosty, Eagle*Seagull, Claire de Lune, and Landing on the Moon

Tonight's show at Sokol Underground promises to be one of the more memorable of the year. I am most excited about seeing Ghosty. The Lawrence, KS based band has a sound that reminds me of early 80s XTC (think English Settlement). They have a friend in Wayne Coyne of The Flaming Lips, and he appears on a track on the band's newest CD, Grow Up or Sleep In. I have played them a number of times on my show, and am hoping they are a good live band. I'm feeling optimistic that they will be.

Also on the bill is Lincoln, NE band Eagle*Seagull. These guys are pretty interesting, and I've just begun playing them on the show. I like their new CD, but don't find myself playing it very much. It's intricate, complicated pop music; and I guess I need to be in the right mood. In a live setting, this kind of music could go either way. But, again, I'm feeling optimistic.

Rounding out the show are Claire De Lune from Minneapolis and Landing on the Moon from Omaha. I saw Claire De Lune once before, but Bella Lea (now Ambulette) had opened that show, and I had become completely distracted by Maura Davis. I don't even remember seeing CDL. Landing on the Moon is a newer band that features Oliver from Little Brazil.

From what I understand, Claire De Lune will be the headliner of the show. The rest of the order is TBD. Tickets are $7 at the door.
A dude from Ghosty and Wayne Coyne

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