Monday, October 10, 2005

We Gotta Big Week Here Folks

I haven't spent a lot of time lately telling you all about what shows I have been seeing here in Omaha. I haven't stopped going by any means. There are a number of great bands coming to town in the next two months. This week begins the onslaught!

Tomorrow night (Tuesday) Built to Spill will return for the first time in six years. The new record is not out yet, so there may be a lot of unknown material being performed. BTS is one of the better live bands, and they have never disappointed. The concert is at Sokol Underground and opening the show is former Dinosaur Jr. bassist Mike Johnson. Get a ticket here.

No time to take a break after Built to Spill because the very next night (Wednesday) is Sleater-Kinney. I have only seen the band once before (porbably about 97 or 98) and they were great. I kind of got bored with the band's sound after their first two records and pretty much tuned out. The new album, The Woods, is a serious return to greatness. It's basically this band's version of heavy metal. It's loud, abrasive, and very distorted. I'm looking forward to seeing how they pull it off live. This show, like most good shows in Omaha, is at Sokol Underground. Get a ticket here.
The only other show of note for the week comes this Friday. I don't have any intention of seeing the headline band -- Thrice -- I am just going to see the show's opener Veda. The band's debut album, The Weight of an Empty Room, is pretty solid. I'm planning on making it an early evening. I hate Thrice, and the other openers (Under Oath and The Bled) look lame. This show, also at Sokol, will probably sell out. While they're still available, you can get them here.

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