Monday, October 10, 2005

Fiona Apple on Letterman Tuesday

Fiona Apple will be performing on Late Show with David Letterman tomorrow night. Her new album, Extraordinary Machine, is out now. I'll have a review for you coming up shortly. One bit of advice -- spend the extra couple bucks and get the dual disc version of the album. This version has the entire album in some type of "expanded" stereo, along with some videos and live performances. The live performance footage was shot in a small club, and Fiona is performing with her former producer Jon Brion. The best video on the disc is for "Not About Love." The video features comedian Zach Galifianakis lip synching the lyrics while Fiona follows him around in what looks like L.A. Don't know if you remember Zach's show on MTV a few years ago (it lasted about two weeks) or if you've seen him on Comedy Central, but he is pretty funny. He doesn't even memorize the lyrics -- he reads them from a sheet of paper. It's certainly a unique video.

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