Thursday, June 02, 2005

Pinback at Sokol Underground Tonight

Pinback is playing tonight at Sokol Underground. That much you could gave gotten from the title of the post. I don't know much about this San Diego band except that I really like their newest record, Summer in Abaddon. I've told people that Pinback is like the Pixies without the distortion. Not sure how accurate that it, but I like it. They have a definite element of dream pop, but they are a really intricately arranged band. Whereas most dream pop is sort of murky and atmospheric, these guys are very tight and punchy. It's a bizarre pairing which makes for a pretty unique sound. Here is an mp3 of an older Pinback song called Concrete Seconds. This song comes from the band's 2001 CD, Blue Screen Life. Pick up one of their albums to get a better idea of what the band is really like. Tickets for the show are kinda steep ($12), but they should be worth it.

Last night's Sound of Urchin show was a bit disappointing. The band were really nice guys, and it was fun to meet and hang out with them before the show. I guess my problem with the band is that they incorporate so many different elements (hard rock, pop, jam, progressive, etc) into their sound that they end up sounding like nothing. They don't have enough of any of the styles to really grab onto. Mine was definitely a minority opinion at the club though. The 50 or so fans that showed up loved the set. They did do a good cover of "Spirit of Radio" by Rush, but I wasn't super into their originals. I did stay the entire time -- no pussing out. AND I started partying at 6:30 pm! Had two of those "Rock Star" energy drinks (they're like red bull but in a tall boy can) so I was flying! That shit's like cocaine!!

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