Wednesday, March 30, 2005

Recap of Ace Frehley on Howard Stern

From Howard E! Senior Producer Mike Gange worked the camera in the green room today when Ace Frehley was in, just to be close to him. Howard said that was very gay because he took over somebody else's job just to see a dude. Gange came in and agreed, but said he only did a 30 second interview with him. Howard said he'd understand if it was a hot chick like Pam Anderson, but a DUDE? Gange said he grew up listening to the band and is a huge fan. Howard said Gange crossed over some gay line today.

Howard admitted that he doesn't know a lot about Ace or KISS, but said he seems like a really nice guy. Chuck Zito came in with him and Howard asked if Ace was scared that Howard might beat him up so he brought Chuck with him as a bodyguard?Ace just laughed and said, "Are you kidding???" Ace and Chuck are in a movie together called Remedy, now on DVD. Ace is not currently touring with KISS but said he has no hard feelings for Gene. He did say they have had their run-ins though. Ace still gets checks because he's one of the original "family" members of KISS. Ace revealed that he didn't want to talk about KISS today, just promote his movie. About 5 minutes into the interview, Gary came in and said Ace's manager wanted him to leave immediately because he didn't want him talking about KISS, so the interview was cut short. Sal the Stockbroker came in, in full Ace make up, to blow some smoke while he had his chance, and then all hell broke loose when Howard went to break.

During the break, Sal started badgering Ace with questions about KISS and asked Ace to take some pictures with him. Ace not only ignored Sal, but in the middle of a sentence, interrupted Sal, handed him his own personal camera and asked him to take a picture of Ace and Howard. When they came back from break, Howard had to explain to Sal that he was being a super fan and sounded like a crazy stalker. Howard told him that he couldn't do that to guests and that it was very unprofessional. Howard asked if Sal gave Ace a CD, which he did, of prank calls he made in high school. Sal said he gave it to him because Ace likes to take CDs of prank calls on the road with him. Howard laid down the law and said he is not to hand ANYTHING to ANYONE without Howard's approval first. Sal got defensive and brought Richard Christy into the conversation saying that Howard never yells at Richard for anything but Sal gets the brunt of everything. Gary came in and told stories of Sal's weirdness, including his criticizing Jon Stewart and asking porn stars to autograph blown up pictures of their genitals. Ronnie came in and said he's told Sal repeatedly not to interact with the guests, and Sal said he doesn't do that anymore, not since the first week he was there. Gary apparently made a face at Sal's response and Sal freaked out and yelled at Gary for making faces behind his back and rolling his eyes saying it happens all the time. Howard said that Gary makes weird faces all the time that freak him out but it's not on purpose. Gary and Howard both said he's paranoid and this stuff just doesn't happen. Everybody tried to convince Sal that they all like him and he doesn't need to be paranoid and consider Richard the favorite son. Richard said that Sal will always argue with him about who came up with ideas first and said that when they sit in the back office and Howard plays a bit that Sal wrote and somebody doesn't laugh, he catches it right away. Sal then called Richard a "serial killer," revealing that apparently nothing was learned from today's lesson.

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