Tuesday, April 16, 2024

Raise Your Hands To Rock: Being a Kid in the 80s Metal Scene (Part One) (VIDEO)

Hello, friends, and welcome to the latest video. This week, I continue to mine the depths of my hair metal past with a series of collaborative videos with the Youtube channel, lostmixtapes (https://www.youtube.com/@lostmixtapes). If you're familiar with either of our channels, you probably associate them more with Alternative, indie, or singer/songwriter type of music. But did you know that we both share something of a heavy metal youth?

We were both teenagers in the 1980s, and we both became transfixed with metal before we left elementary school! We wanted to do this video to try and explain how we became so fascinated with this music, and why some of those artists continue to remain fascinating to this day.

Further into the video, we discuss things like drawing band logos on your school books, who actually "killed" hair metal, bands that used to frighten us as kids, and the dividing lines drawn between glam or "hair" metal and thrash metal. This is part one of a two part video. Part Two will be linked once it is posted.

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