Wednesday, February 21, 2024

REVIEW: Matthew Sweet LIVE 2/17/24 + Debbi Peterson from The Bangles! (VIDEO)

This video review is also something of a follow-up to my last video on Matthew Sweet from a few weeks ago. In that video, I mentioned that Debbi Peterson from The Bangles was going to be playing drums for Matthew Sweet on a brief tour of the Midwest. I was already planning on going before hearing about Debbi; but after that news, I decided that I had to meet her while she was in town. I "manifested" it or whatever new-agey bullsh!t term folks use these days.

Wouldn't you know actually happened! She was really nice and signed a few of my #bangles records. It was cool seeing her behind the drum kit. I've never seen The Bangles play, so it was a first for me. 

Matthew Sweet tore through a great set of his best known songs in front of a packed, hometown crowd. Hopefully, it won't be another 4-5 years before he plays here again.

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