Monday, December 08, 2014

My So-Called Weekend

I only ventured out on Saturday to see this band
Had a very uneventful weekend. The only thing I actually accomplished was making a permanent indention in my living room couch. I barely ventured outside the entire time. 

There are barely any decent shows from now through the end of the year. On Saturday morning, I went to Rockbrook Camera and bought a new camera. Despite blowing over a grand on the camera, I still headed over to Half Price Books to look for records. I grabbed a used 'Best of Scorpions' record which features the band's music from the 1970s. I have never heard the really early stuff, and I liked it. I also grabbed a Heart record and a still sealed copy of Matthew Sweet's 'Sunshine Lies,' which is a double LP, gatefold with a CD inside. It was heavily marked down. Score!

Later that night, I hit Reverb Lounge to see my friend's new band. Unfortunately, I already forgot the name of the band. They were good -- a 90s math rock, instrumental band. The set was only about 30 minutes, and I soon retreated back home where I stayed the rest of the weekend.

Not much else to report. I will hopefully have my video for part two of my Top 20 albums of the year up in a day or so. I already posted part one.

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