Tuesday, October 07, 2014

The Dark Stuff Podcast 118: Rick Galusha

For episode 118, I interview Rick Galusha. Rick has been a fixture in the Omaha music community for decades. For around 25 years, Rick worked for the Homer's Record Store chain. He began as a clerk behind the counter at the chain's first store, and worked his way up to being president of the company. 

Homer's began in Omaha with one store in 1971. By the 1990s, Homer's had 17 locations in Nebraska and Iowa, and had bought out its two local competitors. As the fate of the music industry began to turn in the late 90s, so did that of Homer's. As of the time of this posting, Homer's is down to one location in downtown Omaha. Rick Galusha saw it all firsthand. 

In the interview, we discuss the origins of Homer's and how Rick first became consumed by music. The conversation then veers into a general discussion about the decline of the music industry and of the record store. 

Somewhere around 2005, Rick said goodbye to the record business and moved on to a different career. He still keeps one toe in the musical waters, if you will, by hosting a weekly radio show called Pacific Street Blues and Americana. The show airs Sunday mornings from 9am-noon (Central Standard Time) on KIWR, 89.7 The River. The station streams at 897theriver.com, and Rick archives the show at kiwrblues.podomatic.com

Thanks for listening. Enjoy.

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