Monday, August 04, 2014

Tonight's Jenny Lewis Show Will Be Sold Out by the Time You Read This

As I'm typing this, remaining tickets for tonight's Jenny Lewis show at Slowdown are in single digits. Chances are, it will be sold out by the time you actually read this. You're shit-outta-luck if you don't already have one.

My first impression of Jenny's new album, The Voyager, was kinda negative. The single, "Just One of the Guys," is decent, but the rest of the record did very little for me on first listen.

However, going a little deeper, I found a song that rivals Jenny's best work as a solo artist or a member of Rilo Kiley. The song, "Slippery Slopes," is amazing both musically and lyrically. A real gem. Makes me think my initial impression of the album is flawed. I've been a huge fan of Jenny's for a long time, and a real admirer of her songwriting. I imagine that in a few months, I may be loving this album. Check back with me then, ok?

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