Monday, August 11, 2014

The Dark Stuff Podcast 114: Dereck Higgins (Part Two)

For episode 114, I bring you part two of the interview with Omaha music legend, Dereck Higgins. In part one, we went through Dereck's musical childhood, his earliest bands, and his time in bands Digital Sex and RAF. Part two picks up exactly right where the first one left off. 

We discuss Dereck's move into ambient and electronic music, the formation of his record label (DVH Recordings), his introduction to the online Vinyl Community, his collaborations with filmmaker/musician Nik Fackler, and all of his current projects. 

Remember that all of Dereck's music can be purchased through his bandcamp page:

This episode contains snippets of the following music: "War Statement" by Dereck Higgins, "Drebump" by Dereck Higgins (© Dereck Higgins), "Saw a Blind Dad" by In Dreama (© Team Love). The music embedded under my voice in the intro and outro of the podcast is "Passing Apparition" from Dereck's album Sonospheres (©2013 Dereck Higgins). 

Thanks for listening. Enjoy.

©2014 The Dark Stuff Podcast

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1 comment:

  1. Great to hear Dereck is finally approaching his goals musically!
    I have been in a couple of different bands with Dereck since the 80's and very much like wine,he got better with time.
    *On a side note,I never forgave Mr. Higgins for absolutely ruining my treasured mint copy of Bula Shabba.
    great interview!
    -Roger Nevins/leader of Digital Sex.


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