Monday, June 16, 2014

The Dark Stuff Podcast 110: Replacements Roundtable

For episode 110, I bring you what I am now calling "The Replacements Roundtable." I had an idea that I wanted to explore which centered around the reunion of The Replacements. The legendary band played its first shows in 22+ years in the Summer of 2013, and they are still playing together today. To many people, The Replacements are more than just a band, and liking them is as much a statement about them, personally, as it is about their musical taste. Being able to debate - in an articulate and inspired way - about which LP is better, Tim or Let It Be, Sorry Ma or Hootenanny, or whatever records you want to compare, is just as essential as owning those albums. Real Replacements fans are serious. 

For this "roundtable," I gathered up some friends - all of whom saw at least one reunion show - ordered up some drinks, and turned on the recorder. Besides me (@davesplash), the other voices you'll hear belong to: Marq Manner (@marqmanner), Chip Duden (@chipduden), and Joel Henriksen (@joelhenriksen). In between segments of the interview, I spliced in some music and stage banter from some of the reunion shows in '13 and '14. 

Thanks for listening. Enjoy.
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