Monday, June 23, 2014

Ringo Deathstarr at Waiting Room June 21, 2014

I hit the Waiting Room last Saturday night for the Peter Murphy show, but I must admit that I was far more interested in seeing the opener, Ringo Deathstarr. When I found out that RD was opening, I contacted them and asked if they'd be up for being interviewed for the podcast. Fortunately, they were. Score. Unfortunately, I had forgotten that I was signed up to participate in a sleep disorder study (I sleep like an idiot, apparently) on Friday, so I had a very limited amount of time to prepare.

Regardless, I hobbled together a few questions, and dragged my totally exhausted ass down to the club at soundcheck time to talk to the band. The three members were nice and dealt with my light lack of prep with grace. I appreciated that. After the interview, I picked up the band's newest album, God's Dream, and had all three of them sign it.
Ringo Deathstarr - God's Dream autographed LP
About a half hour after the interview, Ringo Deathstarr took the stage and proceeded to blow the roof off of the club. They were loud. Very loud. I loved it. Despite having the band's first two albums, I didn't recognize much of the set. I guess most of the songs were from the new record (which I now have). Either way, I loved the entire set. RD hits most of my musical sweet spots with is wall of feedback drenched guitar, droning noise, and crazy volume - all with great pop songs buried under all the chaos. 

Guitarist Elliott and bassist Alex share lead vocal duties, and as always, the male/female dynamic was great. From my vantage point - directly in front of the stage - all I could hear was noise, but it was a beautiful noise. Any hearing loss I may or may not have suffered was worth it. Ringo Deathstarr did about 45 minutes to a pretty enthusiastic crowd of mostly Peter Murphy fans. I was pretty spent afterward.

I stuck around for only about 20 minutes of Peter Murphy. He sounded great, and I heard his set was impressive. I just didn't have the energy that night, unfortunately.

The podcast with Ringo Deathstarr will be up in 2-3 weeks. Your homework is to pick up the new RD album and listen to it at least 5 times before the podcast premieres. Okay?

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