Monday, June 09, 2014

Guided By Voices June 3 @ Waiting Room, Omaha

Guided By Voices' 50 song set list
Saw Guided By Voices last week for what was probably my 20th time. Not much to say that hasn't already been said. This show was held at the Waiting Room in Omaha, which is probably the smallest venue where I have seen GBV. I was excited as hell.

Unfortunately, Mother Nature was not feeling too cooperative. All day long the weather reports were warning of severe thunderstorms, flash flooding, and a possible tornado. I thought to myself, fine...I hope the club has an escape plan if the weather gets bad, but I am NOT missing this show.

Turns out, the storm was not as bad as predicted. There was flooding around the city, and the storms were pretty severe, but no tornado. The possibility of a bad storm did keep a lot of people home that night, however. It was estimated that nearly 30% of all ticket holders didn't even show up at the concert! While it sucks for those folks, it was pretty decent for me. I had no issues getting right up to the front of the stage.

Including encores, the band had a 50 song set list, and they hit 49 of the 50 songs (I heard Bob say to skip a song). The band was in fine form and great spirits. The new drummer was great, and the set list pulled from nearly all parts of the band's lengthy career: from the newest album, Cool Planet, all the way back to Propeller. I don't think anything earlier than that was played. Don't quote me on that, though.

Enjoy my crappy iphone pictures of the show!

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