Wednesday, April 09, 2014

The Reclusive Vinnie Vincent Emerges?

If you're not a serious KISS fan, then this is likely of no interest to you. However, if you are - like me - an old school fan, then this article on former KISS guitarist, Vinnie Vincent, will no doubt appeal to you.

Vincent is the most enigmatic person to ever play in KISS. Officially, he was only a member of the band from 1982-1984, and he performed on only two albums. Those two albums - Creatures of the Night (82) and Lick It Up (83) - returned KISS to the limelight that had eluded them over the course of losing two original band members, and making a few poorly received albums in the early 80s.

Vinnie is credited as co-writer on most of the tracks on those two LPs, and was in the band during its infamous "unmaksing" in 1983. His talent cemented his reputation with the fans, but his ego doomed him with his bandmates. After the band's 83-84 tour concluded, Vinnie Vincent was fired. The rest of his career is discussed in the Rolling Stone piece, so there is no need to re-hash that here. He has been a recluse for decades, and still remains so.

Money quote:

"From his home in Smyrna, Vincent did send out occasional ripples into the world. He filed multiple lawsuits against his former bandmates, alleging unpaid songwriting royalties. There have been run-ins with the cops. And scorned soldiers in the Kiss Army have charged Vincent with intentionally ripping them off by offering products for sale that he then never delivered. It's because of those head-scratching moves, and the lingering echo of his jaw-dropping musical talent, that Vinnie Vincent still inspires others' curiosity. He just isn't interested in satisfying any of it."

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