Thursday, April 17, 2014

The Dark Stuff Podcast 100: Madder Rose

As I mentioned a few weeks ago, I am re-starting my old podcast. Before I start uploading my brand new stuff, I am re-posting some of the episodes of the old show. All of the original 36 shows have been taken down. I am only going to re-post the episodes that feature interviews. Those podcasts will be re-edited to remove any music, so I don't get my ass sued.

I decided to begin the new series at episode 100. This episode (formerly #24) was originally published in 2008. The show features my interview former Madder Rose drummer, Rick Kubic (aka Johnny Kick). Here's the blurb:
For this episode, the spotlight is on a great 90s band from New York called Madder Rose.The band existed from roughly 1992-1999. Based on its debut album, Bring It Down, Madder Rose was heralded as the "next Velvet Underground" in the British press. I interviewed former Madder Rose drummer, Johnny Kick for the podcast, and he tells the story of the band's fast rise and slow decline. Madder Rose is one of the best unsung bands of the 90s, and they deserve more accolades and posthumous discovery than they are getting.  
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