Monday, April 28, 2014

Dark Stuff Podcast 103: Josh Haden (Spain) Part One

Dark Stuff Podcast #103 features an interview with Josh Haden, best known for his work in the fantastic indie band, Spain. Haden's career began as a teenager when he performed in the band Trecherous Jaywalkers, who recorded for SST Records in the 1980s. After that band's dissolution, Haden decided to take his music in another direction. 

That other direction became the band Spain. Spain's stellar debut album, The Blue Moods of Spain, was released in 1995 to much critical acclaim. The album combined elements of jazz, pop, and indie rock into a magical and unique sound. One of the album's songs, "Spiritual" was later recorded by Johnny Cash

After a few follow-up albums, Spain went on hiatus in the early 2000s, and Haden ended up going solo. In addition to his solo career, he also collaborated with Dan the Automator, Handsome Boy Modeling School, Sean Lennon, and the Blue Man Group, among others. 

Spain later re-formed has released a total of seven albums (including compilations). The band's newest is called, Sargent Place

This interview was conducted sometime in 2008, and was then lost to the ages due to a computer crash. I recently recovered the file, and am presenting part one of the interview here. Part Two will follow next week.  
Josh Haden is the son of jazz musician, Charlie Haden, and brother to Petra Haden (that dog, The Decemberists), Rachel Haden (that dog, The Rentals), and Tanya Haden.

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