Thursday, March 06, 2014

Melvins' King Buzzo Performs Acoustic TONIGHT

Anyone who is remotely familiar with the band Melvins knows that discussions of the band never involve the word, acoustic. In fact, in the band's 30+ year career, I'm not sure if an acoustic guitar has ever been used on a Melvins' record. So, I guess Melvins' frontman, King Buzzo, must consider the idea of making acoustic music something of a challenge for himself -- one that he needed to meet before retiring from music.

Well, that retirement date is likely a long ways off, but Buzz has decided to meet the challenge head on. He has recently released a new solo EP of acoustic music, and embarked on his first ever solo tour. That tour stops in Omaha tonight with a performance at The Waiting Room. Tickets are available at the door for $13. Opening is Gerald Lee Jr.

Here is a clip from the first night of the tour so you can get a taste of the new sound.

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