Friday, October 21, 2011

The Lemonheads Return For 20th Anniversary of "It's A Shame..."

Without question, one of the best albums of the 1990s was It's a Shame About Ray by The Lemonheads. The record is a pop masterpiece, with every single song standing out. The album is brief - a mere 33 minutes if I remember correctly - which makes listening to the entire thing quite easy. Later editions tacked on The Lemonheads' cover of "Mrs. Robinson" at the end (which became a hit for the band), but it was an unnecessary edition.

The Lemonheads only recorded two more albums before retiring (and then returning with a great one in '06) in 1998. As good as those records were, they didn't match the consistency and brilliance of Shame. Someone else must believe this, too, as it has just been announced that The Lemonheads will be doing a tour celebrating the 20th anniversary of the release. Evan Dando and whoever he is playing with at the time will be playing It's a Shame About Ray in its entirety on the tour. Seeing as the album is barely over a half hour in length, I imagine they will be playing some other songs, as well.

The tour dates can be found here. Obviously, I am most excited about the Jan 26, 2012 show at The Waiting Room in Omaha. What makes it even more exciting is that Evan Dando has had something of a meltdown the last two times he played in Omaha. Here is my review of the last "incident." Will Dando make it three out of three? I guess we'll find out January 26!

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