Wednesday, February 16, 2011

It's True Returns!

Omaha's one-time most promising new band (who then broke up right after their biggest ever show), It's True, is back. While no shows have been played, and no new music has (yet) been released, the band has scheduled a date to release a second album. Friday, April 1 is the date, and Waiting Room is the place. 

The band will be releasing its second album, Another Afterlife, at the show. I know of no one who has heard the new music, but I did learn a few things about It's True 2.0. For one thing, the band has drastically expanded its line-up. All of the former members are still there, but they are being augmented by a number of other musicians. Band leader Adam Hawkins was apparently quite unhappy with the debut album (which I thought was stellar and was, in fact, my #9 album of 2010) and is now taking full creative control of the band and its recording process. Beyond that, I know nothing.

I am very much looking forward to hearing the new tunes, seeing the new line-up, and playing the shit out of the album on my radio show!


  1. Why bother? Omaha has never heard of It's True, only a small portion of Benson people...

  2. Why bother what? Your comment makes no sense. The band has done national tours, played at SXSW, released an album, and played on the main stage at MAHA last year. I think it is safe to say that more than a "small portion of Benson people" know the band. Also, name a band that starts with a million fans. Everyone starts somewhere Mr. Cynical.

  3. Sound & VisionFebruary 16, 2011

    This will be awesome. Doubters stay home, as this show will sell out for sure. All of these guys are super nice, and super talented. If you're knocking It's True!'s return you must be jealous and a member of some other band that didn't get half the respect or number of fans that It's True! still has to this day.

  4. I live in Los Angeles and have seen It's True play twice out here in Hollywood. They are 'truly' the best un-signed band in America! I am very glad they have gotten back together and look forward to giving my record executive friends their next cd.


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