Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Pink Floyd Reunion in Omaha Tonight?

There is a reasonable chance that David Gilmour (l) and Roger Waters will perform together tonight
As the title implies, there is a strong possibility that tonight, in Omaha, music fans will witness a rare performance featuring Pink Floyd's David Gilmour and Roger Waters. Waters is performing tonight at the Qwest Center in Omaha on his current tour. He was spotted last evening in Minneapolis dining with his former band mate and adversary, David Gilmour. Waters performed in Minneapolis last evening, but Gilmour did not join him.

In a recent interview in Rolling Stone, Waters hinted that he and Gilmour may do a one-off reunion performance on this tour, and suggested Omaha as a possible city for that reunion.

Okay, so, Waters is in Omaha tonight. Will tonight be a reunion between the two masterminds of Pink Floyd?

UPDATE: A few commenters have alerted me to the fact that Waters has not yet played in the Twin Cities, so this "reunion" could still happen there.

UPDATE 2: It didn't happen. Waters played in Omaha last night, and there was no Gilmour. Cross your fingers, Twin Cities.


  1. Roger Waters did not perform in Minneapolis on Monday night. He will perform in St. Paul on Wednesday night. So, there is a possibility that Gilmour will be at the St. Paul show, not the Omaha show.

  2. Damn, you Anonymous! Thanks for raining on my parade.

  3. Waters hasn't played the Twin Cities yet. He plays tomorrow night (Wed. 10/27) in Saint Paul. It looks like it'll be Saint Paul or Omaha for Mr. Gilmour!



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