Thursday, January 21, 2010

FINALLY!! The Music Returns

At long last, live music returns to Omaha. Granted, it was only "gone" for a few weeks. But those were some hella long weeks, amigos. So, tomorrow night is the re-opening of The Waiting Room, and to celebrate, the club is offering a free show from Little Brazil. Not too shabby. Also on the bill are Little Black Stereo, Ground Tyrants, & Kyle Harvey.

While that free show is quite cool, personally, I'm more excited about Saturday night's show at Slowdown with The Life and Times. The show is a mere $8. Opening are Techlepathy & At Land. I haven't seen either opener, but have heard good things about Techlepathy. I have, however, seen The Life and Times on more than one occasion, and they are freakin' amazing. This band hits every right note with me as far as influences and overall sound goes. To say that the band is like Swervedriver crossed with an early 90s Touch & Go recording artist is a decent description, if I don't say so myself. Last time they played at Slowdown, it was one of the loudest shows I've ever seen. Bring earplugs if hearing retention is an issue for you.

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