Monday, November 02, 2009

Ace Frehley Phoner - Ghostface Tonight

Just wrapped my interview with Ace Frehley. I got 20 minutes and it went pretty well. Expect to hear excerpts on my show this coming Sunday, and probably an all Ace podcast in the future, as well. I am going to try and get it transcribed for use here at The Dark Stuff, and should have it done before Ace's show on Thursday at Whiskey Roadhouse in Council Bluffs. FYI, Thursday's show is the opening night of the tour!

I caught It's True and Say Hi last Saturday at Slowdown Jr. Both were openers for David Bazan. I'd been hearing nothing but positive raves from people in the Omaha scene about It's True. Fortunately, I can say that the band more than lived up to the hype. They were quite good, and I am making it a point to see them as much as I can before they get big and leave town. I was able to hear a few cuts from their just recorded, A.J. Mogis produced album, and it was exceptional. Really great production and a really unique sound. As of now, It's True and Little Brazil are probably the best bands in Omaha.

Say Hi was a little disappointing. They weren't bad by any means, but they came across as pretty generic indie pop in concert. I bailed out before David Bazan.

TONIGHT over at The Waiting Room is Ghostface Killah from Wu Tang Clan. I heard his show last time at Slowdown was great. I doubt I'll be making it to the show as I am pretty dead after my radio show last night. Tickets are still available for $20.


  1. Have you heard Ace's new solo cd?

  2. Yeah. "Anomoly" is pretty good. I like about half of it, which is pretty solid considering.

    I'm looking forward to seeing him again this week as his live show is really fun.


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