Monday, July 20, 2009

Brief Weekend Update

Had a decent weekend. Can't really complain, I guess. I saw Neko Case on Saturday night. Unfortunately, I have no pictures, as it seems Ms. Case is somewhat paranoid about "unauthorized" pictures of her being taken. There were announcements made prior to the show that anyone caught photographing Neko would have their camera/phone taken away. Yikes. Regardless, Neko put on a great show - much more lively than last time. She seemed to be having a good time, and she sounded perfect. A little birdie told me that after the show, Neko asked to be immediately taken to a 24 Hour Fitness for a workout. Could you imagine walking into the gym in the middle of the night and seeing Neko Case there? Damn.

Beyond that, things were mostly quiet. I had a great show last night, which is always nice. I got word that the station is going to update my imaging, whatever that means. I think I get a new commercial, not sure.

This is going to be a very long week at work. Not looking forward to it.

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