Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Sebastein Grainger at Slowdown TONIGHT

Tonight there is a real "under the radar" type of concert over at Slowdown. The artist, Sebastien Grainger, is touring in support of his excellent, new solo debut, Sebastien Grainger & the Mountains. You are probably asking yourself, "Who in the hell is Sebastien Grainger?" Yeah, I didn't know either until a few months ago. But Sebastien was the former drummer and singer of the amazing and unfortunately short-lived duo, Death From Above 1979. His new album has some similarities to his old band, but the arrangements are a little fuller, and the music is less groove oriented. It's actually a great record, and I've been playing the single, "American Names" quite a bit on my radio show.

Opening will be Josh Reichmann (?) and Ladyfinger (ne). Should be a good show. I've decided to post a DFA 1979 video in case you forgot how good that band was...

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