Monday, August 25, 2008

A Feel Good Post

My weekend was a bit of a mixed bag in all honesty. After working in the office all day Friday by myself (my co-workers all seemed to be out of town at the same time), I decided to kick it at home on Friday night and watch movies. I tried to watch I Now Pronounce You Chuck and Larry, but gave up after about 15 minutes. In addition to my full-blown hatred for all things Sandler, this movie was so rife with 30 year old cliches and homophobia, that I don't know how this thing even got made. Sandler's box office strength is minuscule these days, so whoever greenlit this piece of shit is likely unemployed these days.

I had that Enron movie from my Netflix queue, but really didn't feel like watching it. So instead I just watched all of the media speculation about Barack Obama's running mate. If I remember correctly, around 10 pm or so, ABC reported that the Secret Service had been dispatched to Joe Biden's home in Delaware. That was obviously the clincher. I didn't need to stay up until 3 am to get some text message telling me what most people had already deduced. Biden was it. Great. No need to stay up all night.

Saturday night was the big Faint show at Sokol, and I was only about 50/50 on going. I got some friends of mine free tickets, but I wasn't sure I felt like dealing with a packed Sokol Auditorium. Prior to that, a family member of mine came over and helped me connect the ice maker to my new fridge. It's not exactly rocket science, but I had never done it before and the guys who delivered it wouldn't set it up because I have a plastic water line. Huh? Anyway, the line had a leak in it which made a mess in my kitchen. I had to replace the whole freakin' thing. It was one big clusterfuck, but is now all fixed. Yeah. No more plastic ice trays for me, baby. I'm moving up in the world.

After a pretty long nap, I felt like I could handle the Faint show so I called my friends and tagged along with them. As you may recall, I was also excited about seeing opener, Jaguar Love. After seeing them, however, I hope I am never subjected to them again. The set started off okay and the band played the two opening tracks from their album. I was digging it. But that singer's voice is so grating that after about 10 minutes I wanted to shoot him. Or strangle him with my bare hands. He also kept referring to his band in the third person, which for some reason, really annoyed me.

So, after that disappointment came The Faint. As usual, the band put on a high energy, visually stimulating concert. Their playing was tight, the visuals were cool, the sound was great, yet I still did not really enjoy the show. It just seemed, to me, to be the same basic show the band has been doing for the last seven years. They just inserted a few new tunes to make it different. And when you contrast those new tunes with some of the band's classics like "Paranoiattack" " I Disappear" "Worked Up So Sexual" or "Agenda Suicide," they didn't pack the same punch. Most of the crowd seemed to love it, but I found a few fellow old schoolers who felt the same as I did. If it weren't for all of the young hotties running around, I would have considered it a bad night.

I spent Sunday being a bum and doing very little other than watching television. I felt like I was a little off during my show last night, and I'm not sure why. I was having problems hearing myself in my headphones, and felt kind of confused during the show. However, there were some serious goodies waiting for me when I got to the station. First off, there was the new single from TV On the Radio. That will be getting premiered next week. Then, I opened up a mystery package to see a brand new CD from The Mommyheads. WTF!? They broke up 10 years ago! I guess the drummer passed away last year, and the other former members got together at the funeral. They decided to give it another go in honor of their late friend. I would like to think that my podcast had something to do with it also, but they are not mentioning it at this time.

Speaking of my podcast, I have NOT abandoned it. I still have my Spain podcast coming soon, and then I may try a few without interviews that just focus on new music. It's just a question of time, my friends. I need more of it.

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  1. That Chuck and Larry movie looked like it was made in 1981.


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