Thursday, July 17, 2008

The Rest of The Replacements Catalog Gets the Re-issue Treatment

As they did with the band's first four albums, Rhino will be releasing the remainder of the catalog of The Replacements in expanded form on September 23. These records are from the "Sire years" (1985-1990), and include the albums Tim (one of the best rock albums ever), Pleased To Meet Me (also one of the best rock albums ever), Don't Tell a Soul (a decent but flawed attempt at "going mainstream") and All Shook Down (a totally underrated album that was basically Paul's first solo album).

I am assuming that since all of the CDs come with lots of bonus tracks and whatnot that a box set will not be forthcoming. This will mark the entire catalog being re-released, so I guess there is nothing else to compile, right?. Or is there? What about the Inconcerated promotional live album from 89? What about 1984's official bootleg, The Shit Hits the Fans? Or maybe the promotional interview album that was used to market Pleased To Meet Me? How about a DVD that features the 1981 concert that Twin/Tone Records (the band's first label) recorded, any other miscellaneous old material, the band's 1986 appearance on SNL, the extended promotional video used for Pleased..., the band's music videos, and whatever else is in the "vault."

There is more work to do, Rhino! You're doing good work, but we're not quite all done.

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