Wednesday, April 09, 2008

Podcast #24 Available Now!!

I have just posted podcast #24, and this show is dedicated to NYC indie/noise-pop band Madder Rose.

Madder Rose formed in NYC in the early 90s, and was heralded by the UK press as the second coming of Velvet Underground. The band balanced the noisy, driving guitar playing of Billy Coté with the angelic voice of lead singer Mary Lorson, and made some of the best indie music of the decade.

After a poor reception to the band's final two albums, Madder Rose called it quits in 1999. I interviewed drummer Rick Kubic (aka Johnny Kick) for the show, and he tells the story of the band from its inception to its unceremonious ending.

Songs from each of the band's albums is presented, as are a few rarities you might not have heard. If you were already a fan, this show should be a great nostalgia trip. If you weren't, you are about to have a new musical obsession. Good luck.

Listen to the show here.

Download the show.

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