Wednesday, February 27, 2008

The 1980s Return To Oklahoma

For just $325 you, too, can re-live the hair metal heyday of the 1980s at the 2nd annual Rocklahoma Festival. On March 4, reality TV star and sometime lead singer of Poison, Bret Michaels, along with a reunited Warrant (Whew, glad they are back. What would a festival of washed-up butt rockers be without the guys who brought you, "Cherry Pie") will hold a press conference to announce the line-up and all of the details about the successful oldies review.

The festival, which will also feature performances from Vixen, Krokus, and Tora Tora to name a few, is scheduled for July 10-13, 2008 in Pryor, Oklahoma.

I'm not too cool to admit that there was a time when I liked much of this stuff. In my defense, I was 14 and it was 1985.

From what I remember, there were always more hot, slutty women at glam metal shows than at indie rock gigs. I wonder if this will still be the case in 2008.

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