Tuesday, January 01, 2008

Barack Obama - opening act...Conor Oberst

First off, if you need something to do this New Year's Day, head to Iowa School for the Deaf in about two hours. Bright Eyes is opening for Barack Obama at a rally.


Rolling Stone has a really good article about the death of high fidelity.

According to the article, to ensure the best quality of downloads, do the following...
From your iTunes main screen...
1. Click the Edit menu and select Preferences.
2. From the iTunes window, click the Advanced tab.
3. Click the Importing tab.
4. Click the Setting drop-down box and select Custom...
5. From the AAC Encoder window, select '320 kbps' from the Stereo Bit Rate drop-down box.
6. Click OK.


  1. 1. Let's hope Edwards beats Obama and Clinton. The more I hear Obama, the less I like him.

    2. The issue isn't the digitalization of audio, or the iPodization, its the DRM issue. While portable digital audio players a few years ago had relatively small hard drives, that is no longer the case, 40GB - 160GB and higher are the way things are going. While you couldn't have lossless with 256mb mp3 players, you can have many lossless albums with 160GB and with FLAC, you can compress without loss. That means you can have full fidelity audio on an iPod....but you can't really, why??? Because the RIAA wouldn't like that.

    We are not losing fidelity because of technology, but because of decisions of the recording industry and the technology makers.

  2. I rip all my CDs through Windows Media Player at a higher rate and then import the tracks into Itunes because I don't like what itunes does to the tracks. I want to keep everything as an actual mp3 so I can use the tracks on any future player.


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