Thursday, December 13, 2007

Congrats, Madonna. Mellencamp...not so much

OK, so Madonna is inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame for next year.

No argument there. In terms of image, videos and hell, just sex in general, Madonna is arguably the most deserving of the list to be nominated.

Here's a list of the others...Leonard Cohen, The Ventures and John Mellencamp.

Noticeably KISS and Rush. Once again, I ask - who has started more bands? John Mellencamp or KISS? John Mellencamp or Rush? The Rock and Roll Hall of Fame has to eventually get their collective bur out of their asses and realize just because critics don't necessarily dig it, some acts should be rewarded on their influence.


  1. I saw Johnny Cougar open for KISS in 1979, and now he is in the Hall of Fame before KISS? The Hall of Fame is a joke.

  2. ...not to mention the Beastie Boys. Not to dis on Mellencamp - but Paul's Boutique, Check Your Head and Licensed to Ill vs. American Fool and Scarecrow? No contest...

  3. Phrase I hope to hear sometime before my life is over...
    "The Rock and Roll Hall of Fame is proud to induct...Slayer."

  4. Love to see Slayer there, but it may never happen. At least not until all of these baby boomers that nominate the shit they do, die off.

    I actually have nothing against Mellencamp. He's ok. He deserves to be there. But there is no way that Madonna, U2, R.E.M., or any 80s artists should be in the Hall before KISS, Rush, New York Dolls, or Iggy Pop.


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