Thursday, October 11, 2007

Wilco TONIGHT and Superdrag on Saturday!!

Sorry for another week of light postings, but I am taking the weekend off to go out of town, and I had a million things I needed to get done before I left. This weekend into next week is an insane time for concerts for me. I'm not sure when I will be able to sleep.

First up, of course, is tonight's Wilco show at The Orpheum here in Omaha. Wilco is always a treat live, and tonight should be no exception. I've only seen one other rock show at The Orpheum (Bright Eyes a couple of years ago), but I loved the sound, the stage, and the atmosphere.

After that, I am traveling to Chicago for Saturday's Superdrag reunion show at The Metro. I saw the band about half a dozen times in their trio form prior to their break up in '03, but never saw the original four-piece version from the 90s. Those early Superdrag albums are something else, though.

I completed my next podcast last night and will be posting it Friday morning before I take off on my trip. The entire show is dedicated to Swervedriver and Adam Franklin. Make sure to listen to this one, as it's one of my best. Also, if you're in Omaha, you'll want to bone up on Adam's music before his show next week at The Waiting Room on Tuesday (tickets). You simply MUST go to this concert. I know it's a busy week. I know it's a Tuesday. I know. I know. That is no excuse to miss this rare appearance from one of the most important British rockers of the 1990s. The show will be so freakin' great. Trust me on this one, friends.

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