Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Adam Franklin Wrap-Up

I am feeling beyond exhausted this morning sitting here at work because I barely got any sleep last night after the Adam Franklin show. How was it? It was amazing. Thanks for asking. I was able to chat with Adam for a good while prior to the show, and it turns out that he did listen to some of my podcast on Swervedriver. Cool. Apparently, though, not too many people from Omaha did, because the attendance at the show was minimal. Still, for the 25 or so people who were there, it was a thoroughly enjoyable show. Adam's guitar playing was spectacular, and though I didn't recognize any Swervedriver songs, it still felt a little bit I was seeing him play "back in the day."

Thanks to Omahahype and Lazy-I for helping me plug the show (by plugging my podcast). Every little bit helps, you know.

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