Sunday, March 25, 2007

A Heavy Metal Hangover?

I worked an extreme metal show last night and am feeling the after-effects of that this morning. Six bands in six hours all playing the same two chords and grunting in the exact same way. There was one exception, I guess. One of the bands was instrumental, and they were my favorite. Still, that is the nature of the concert business. You can't only work shows you like.

No real complaints about the night (other than the music). There were no fights, the show was basically on schedule, and the band members, girlfriends, and "merch guys" were all pretty nice. If I had to complain, however, I would say that when I went to heavy metal shows as a teenager, there were a lot more girls at the shows. Not just any girls -- slutty, scantily dressed, metal chicks. There were very few of them in attendance last night. It's a minor complaint, for sure, but one that I felt like registering.

This morning I plan on listening to nothing but quiet music until my ears have recovered from all of the damage they suffered last evening.

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