Monday, March 12, 2007

The Faint's "Private" Omaha Show Last Night

I caught The Faint's private show last night The Waiting Room here in Omaha. Fantastic show. Definitely the best I've seen them, and I've seen The Faint probably a dozen times. The concert was a free warm-up gig before the band left on tour. It also served as something of a private, grand opening for the new venue.

The venue, The Waiting Room, is stellar. Without a doubt, the best sounding club in the city. And, at full capacity, it was still quite comfortable inside the place. I think this place will become my regular haunt.
Yes, my cell phone pictures suck. However, a photographer friend of mine was contracted by Pitchforkmedia to take pictures for their site. Check there sometime today for some professional pictures.

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