Tuesday, January 30, 2007

Buy This Album: You Am I - "Convicts"

The totally fuckin' awesome Australian band You Am I have just released a new album. If you haven't heard of them, you are not alone. The Boston Globe called them The Best Australian Band You've Never Heard Of last year.

I tell people that they are the Australian Replacements. I don't throw out compliments like that very often. They are really good. In Australia, their last three albums debuted at #1, and they play with the likes of The Who and The Rolling Stones.

In the US, they have to settle for blog posts from the likes of me. You Am I have just released their album, Convicts (purchase here), in the US. They have a very brief US tour beginning in March in Minneapolis. I have been trying to get them to come to Omaha, but they do not have a free date on this current tour. Damn.

3/19/2007 in Minneapolis, MN at the 400 Bar
3/20/2007 in Milwaukee, WI at Shank Hall
3/21/2007 in Chicago, IL at the Metro
3/22/2007 in Cleveland, OH at the Beachland Ballroom
3/23/2007 in Philadelphia, PA at the Khyber
3/25/2007 in Cambridge, MA at the Middle East
3/28/2007 in New York, NY at the Bowery Ballroom
3/30/2007 in Portland, OR at the Dantes
3/31/2007 in San Francisco, CA at the Bottom of the Hill
4/1/2007 in Los Angeles, CA at the Spaceland
4/2/2007 in San Diego, CA at the The Casbah


  1. I totally forgot about them. I'll have to look for the new cd.

  2. The new one is solid. I've been playing it for days.


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