Monday, October 09, 2006

The Lemonheads: Record of the Year?

lemonheads1This is just a brief posting on The Lemonheads, and their fan-fucking-tastic new album! I will have a real review coming up, but for those wondering whether a 10 year absence was too much for Evan Dando and Co....the answer is no. The new album, The Lemonheads, is the best thing the band (Dando) has done since 1991's Lovey album. In addition to Dando, the band includes Karl Alvarez (bass) and Bill Stevenson (drums) of the legendary punk bands The Descendents and ALL. Stevenson wrote two of the songs, too!

Until my extended review or whatever is ready, here is a classic Lemonheads video from the 80s, and a video from The Descendents when they reunited in the mid 90s.

AND....The Lemonheads are playing in Omaha at Sokol Underground, Monday, December 4. Buy tickets here.

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