Friday, September 22, 2006

A Post Before Bedtime

Just got back from the Nada Surf show. Fucking awesome. They decided to do their set chronologically. They opened with a cover of The Who's "Substitute" and then went right into "Popular." I have seen Nada Surf a number of times and they have never played that song. I had heard that they sort of hate it because to "mainstream" music fans, it is their only song, and they get annoyed when people yell for it. But, now they are playing it right at the beginning of the show.

The setlist was pulled pretty evenly from all four of the band's albums. I bought a CD from the band called North 6th Street. It is a collection of demos and outtakes from the first two albums. Apparently, it is a "tour only" disc. Sounded pretty good on the drive home.

I missed the first band, The Plus Ones, but I caught the entire set from White Whale. Wasn't impressed. So far, both bands I've seen featuring former members of Get-Up Kids were pretty mediocre.

I have to work early tomorrow, so I will now say goodnight.

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