Wednesday, September 20, 2006

Dark Stuff's Show Schedule For the Week

HeadlightsChampaign, Illinois band Headlights is playing at O'Leavers (50th & Saddle Creek) tonight. I'm not really sure how to describe this band. I like them, though, and I guess that's what ultimately counts. They are a kinda mellow, dreamy indie pop band with a female voice. The band is offering its song "TV" as a free download here. The show tonight will cost no more than $5 or $7, so it is quite a deal. Decibully (from Milwaukee) is also on the bill.

Nada Surf is playing tomorrow (Thursday) night at Sokol Underground. If you haven't heard about it, I am not surprised. According to the show's promoters, ticket sales have been slow. That's too bad, because Nada Surf is an excellent band, and its newest CD The Weight Is a Gift is solid throughout. They were here last March, so maybe that explains the sluggish ticket sales. If you haven't heard anything from the new album, the band's label, Barsuk, has a few songs available to listen to.
I have been championing Omaha band Ladyfinger(ne) (the 'ne' is a new addition) for the last two years. They are among the best live bands in town, but nothing the band has recorded has matched up. Their four song demo was decent, but the murky production made it hard to fully appreciate. Finally, the band is releasing its first full-length CD Heavy Hands this Friday night at Sokol Underground. Ladyfinger(ne) is now signed to Saddle Creek Records, and was given enough money to record properly. Three of the four songs from the demo have been re-recorded, and the rest of the record is filled out with new songs. Saddle Creek is offering a free download of the song "Smuggler" here. Following Friday night's show, the band will be crossing the country as the opening act for Cursive. Tour dates can be found at Ladyfinger's MySpace page.

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