Sunday, April 09, 2006

Living Blue at O'Leavers

Despite the fact that virtually no one else was there, I had a pretty decent time at last night's The Living Blue show at O'Leavers. In concert, this Champaign, Illinois band was a lot more raw and energetic than on their CD, Fire, Blood, Water. The show was opened by Lincoln band Brimstone Howl.

When I first heard about this show, I didn't understand why these two bands were paired up. Brimstone Howl is a raucous, noisy, garage band; while The Living Blue is more of an indie pop band. But TLB was just as rockin' as Brimstone -- just a little catchier in the tune department.

I got a touch drunk at the show. I guess I should have eaten something before going out, but I got a tooth filled earlier in the day and was pretty much unable to chew. Having those three drinks before the show at the Holiday didn't help. Regardless, this was a good show and it's too bad only about two dozen other folks witnessed it.

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