Tuesday, March 28, 2006

Song of the Day: Jenny Lewis "The Charging Sky"

You know, it's funny. Ever since I created the "Dark Stuff Media Player" graphic, the mp3s I have been posting have been getting virtually no plays. Maybe you all thought it was some sort of new media player that had to be dowloaded? Well, it wasn't. It was just a jpeg. If you clicked it, then the mp3 would play -- through whatever your default player is.

So, obviously, I'm scrapping that graphic. For today's song, I'm doing Jenny Lewis again. Last time, I posted her single, "Rise Up With Fists!" That song has more of a gospel feel than the song I am posting today. This one has more of an old school country sound with somewhat "non-country" lyrics. Great song. It is available on her new solo album, Rabbit Fur Coat.

Jenny Lews with the Watson Twins - "The Charging Sky"(mp3)

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