Wednesday, March 22, 2006

Song of the Day: Burning Brides "Plank of Fire"

This song is not especially new. But last night, when it came up at random on my iPod, I played it at least five times in a row. The song just fucking rocks! That's all there is to it. The name of the band is Burning Brides.

Yes, it does sound a lot like Nirvana's Bleach album. But these guys (and gal) do it so flawlessly, that I am easily able to overlook the lack of originality. Besides, originality is overrated.

This tune comes from the band's first album (they are working on their third now), Fall of the Plastic Empire. I saw the band for the first time last year as the opening act for Mastodon. They were excellent live -- actually better than Mastodon. However, what was most memorable to me was that after the show bassist Melanie Campbell was strolling around the club asking anyone around if they had any coke for sale. Man, I wanted to help a hot female rocker like her out, but it has been quite a while since I carried around any coke. Anyway, turn up those tinny computer speakers and give a listen to this tune:

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